Eric Hoffman has spent the better part of his adult life working with people, he started out as a law enforcement officer assigned to a Bomb Disposal Unit.  He was later recruited by one of the largest US defense contractors to work in classified programs for the US Government. 

  Eric has always worked in roles that require integrity, trust, and compassion. He takes pride in his integrity and is striving to change the stereotype that Realtors are just salespeople like any other.  Eric enjoys working with people, takes a personal interest in his client’s success and values the relationships he develops more than anything else. He and his wife live in Montgomery County, where they have spent most of their lives, they have two daughters, one here and one in college in Denver Colorado. Integrity, Trust, family, and doing the right thing is why Eric loves to be a realtor.  If you need a realtor that you can trust, contact him now. 


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